Discursive Design (Taiwan Version)

#coverdesign #editorialdesign #publishing
Taipei, 2021

One of our goals in Digital Medicine Lab is bringing impactful design books to students and designers in Taiwan. The Taiwan version of Discursive Design was published in 2021, and now is the main material in
design education.
In this project, we cooperated with the fundraising platform ZecZec and raised more than 17,000 dollars. Thanks to all readers, supporters, and experts in different fields.
Design Director: Chiaowei Ho Designer: Guanhao Zhu, Tuanting uang, Yichun Lan Yiting Tsai, Wanyu Chen Cover Design: Guanhao Zhu, Yichun Lan Editorial Design: Tuanting Huang, Guanhao Zhu, Yichun Lan, Yiting Tsai, Wanyu Chen Video: Guanhao Zhu, Tuanting Huang, Yichun Lan

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