Design & Research

Wrapping Shadows

work in progress

This project uses psychogeography as an angle to experience the relationship between shadows, solar access, humans, and non-human inhabitants of the city; it explores alternative perspectives through an embodied-photographic system and machine learning technology to generate and map the invisible city.

This project has been selected for Student Research Award 2024 at The New School

Artist: Guanhao Zhu
Technical Support: Haoche Hung, Lihao Liu
Advisor: Ever Bussey, Harpreet Sareen, Andrew Zornoza
Special Thanks: Anthony Dunne, Lydia Matthews

2023 - 2024 © guanhaozhu


l’boundary is an installation intertwining public participation with the subtle transpiration processes of hydroponic plants. Comprising a schlieren photography setup and a heat lamp responsive to human presence, the installation offers two interactive modes where either human proximity or online attention influences plant transpiration.

* This project has been accepted at the International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA)

Author: Harpreet Sareen, Guanhao Zhu, Yasuaki Kakehoi

2023 - 2024 © Synthetic Ecosystems Lab

Urban Dashboard

An investigation of using speculative method to rethink the connections between urban data and the environment. In this microfiction, the city is reaching out to us. By using a non-invasive method to read, observe, and interact with the urban environment.

Designer: Guanhao Zhu
Mentor: Anthony Dunne, Fiona Raby

2023 © guanhaozhu

Quantum Choreography

Quantum Design Jam is a one-week workshop held by The New School and IBM. We aim to explore the idea of combining Quantum and Choreography with the physicist, Paul, bridge the notion of Quantum Composer and TouchDesigner, to visualize the concept of superposition throughbody movement and strobe light.

* Honorable Mention in The Creative Use of Quantum Technology

Copywriting: Gabriel Lee
Guanhao Zhu
Visual Design:
Marshll Wang, Guanhao Zhu

Xiaoyur Zhang
Technical Support:
Derrek Chau
Paul Kassebaum

Four Tet - Parallel 6

2022 © Quantum Design Jam

Let’s Go Travel

Huang Fei Hong, one of the biggest food brands in China, we decided to shape an imaginative and delightful identity together. In this project, I illustrated the scenarios for spring break and the world cup. Using bold colors, typography, flat design style, and iconic characters to lead the audience into the Huang Fei Hong’s imaginative universe.

Design Director: Chiaowei Ho
Designer: Guanhao Zhu
Client: Huang Fei Hong

2022 © Digital Medicine Lab

The Hidden Girl

“You may think width, depth, and height are the only dimensions of the world, Hidden Girl, but you’d be wrong. You have lived your life as an ant on a sheet of paper, and the truth is far more wondrous.”
— The Hidden Girl and Other Stories, Ken Liu

Design Director: Chiaowei Ho
Designer: Guanhao Zhu Client: ThinKingDom

2022 © Digital Medicine Lab

Discursive Design

Taiwan Version

One of our goals in Digital Medicine Lab is bringing impactful design books to students and designers in Taiwan. The Taiwan version of Discursive Design was published in 2021, and now is the main material in design education. We cooperate with the crowd funding platfrom, ZecZec, raised over $17,000 for printing, translation, and editing works.

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Design Director: Chiaowei Ho
Cover Design: Guanhao Zhu, Yichun Lan
Editorial Design: Tuanting Huang, Guanhao Zhu, Yichun Lan, Yiting Tsai, Wanyu Chen
Video: Guanhao Zhu, Tuanting Huang, Yichun Lan
Crowdfunding Partner: ZecZec

2021 © Digital Medicine Lab


In an effort to merge technology with humanity, we scanned our palms to capture fingerprints, which were then simplified and transformed into a unique logo through programming. This visual identity system embodies the agency’s vision. By catering to individuals, teams, companies, societies, and environments, each entity can possess its distinctive symbol, reflecting the diverse voices within the culture.

Design Director: Chiaowei Ho
Designer: Guanhao Zhu, Yichun Lan
Copywriter: Tuanting Huang, Yaqing Yang
Client: Riverwood

2021 © Digital Medicine Lab

The Magician on the Skywalk

The Magician on the Skywalk is an interactive exhibition held by ThinKingDom. We were deeply inspired by several stories in the novel of the same name, and decided to transform them into an immersive experience. This project displays the turnstile and passages that are most representative in the book, and interprets the undescribable emotions into the animation of flowing words.

Design Director: Chiaowei Ho
Designer: Chiaowei Ho, Zhenchi Lai, Guanhao Zhu
Guanhao Zhu

2020 © Digital Medicine Lab


This project is inspired by Marc Augé’s influential book, “Non-Places: Introduction to an Anthropology of Supermodernity.” In today's world, our modes of transportation have accelerated, causing the scenery around us to blur and remain unchanged as we travel by vehicle, bus, or subway.

Artist: Guanhao Zhu, Sandy Chuan Sun Engineer: Michael Yi
Advisor: Kentsai Lee, Chiaowei Ho

2019 © guanhaozhu・Sandy Chuan Sun